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Variable documentation on the web site can be filtered to display only material corresponding to chosen datasets (more information on this feature).

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The variables in this group each represent one of the major activity categories in the AHTUS activity coding lexicon.

Activity coding structure
Create Copy Name Label
Load ACT_PCARE ACT: Personal care
Load ACT_WORK ACT: Paid Work
Load ACT_EDUCA ACT: Education
Load ACT_UNDOM ACT: Unpaid domestic work
Load ACT_CHCARE ACT: Child care
Load ACT_CIVIC ACT: Adult care, civic, voluntary, and religious activities
Load ACT_OUTHOME ACT: Out of home free time and leisure
Load ACT_PHYSICAL ACT: Sports, exercise, and outdoor activities
Load ACT_INHOME ACT: In home free time leisure
Load ACT_MEDIA ACT: Media and computing
Load ACT_MISSING ACT: Missing Activities