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Create Time Use Variable

Users may select any combination of activities from the activity hierarchy to create time use variables. For more information about specific activity categories, click on category names in the activity hierarchy. For more information about this variable, including comparability, see MAIN.

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The time of day filter restricts the time use variable to a particular range of time during the day. When a time of day filter is applied, only time spent in the activities (given other filter selections) during the specified time range is returned.

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Secondary activities occur at the same time as primary activities. Secondary activities are NOT consistently collected (see SEC). By applying secondary activity filters, only time spent during the primary activities in which one or more selected secondary activities also occurred will be aggregated to create a time use variable.

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The location filter (WHERE) allows users to restrict the time use variable currently being created to a particular set of places or modes of transportation. When a location filter is applied, only times spent in the selected locations (given other filter selections) are added together.

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The who filter allows users to restrict the time use variable currently being created to those that occurred alone or with specified others. Users may also filter activities based on the presence of other people; distinctions can be made between whether ALL of the people must be present or ANY of the selected persons must be present. Users who specify "ALL" must note that only two present selections may be made because most surveys only allow the respondent to report two people who were with them during the activity.

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Present Does Not Matter Not Present Relationship
Spouse or partner present during activity (SPPART)
Child under 18 present during activity (CHILD) Child under 5 present during activity (INFANT)
Other household adult present during activity (HHADULT)
Co-worker present during activity (COWORK)
Other person present during activity (OTHERP)

Name indicates what your variable will be called in your data file. Label is the label associated with the variable you created. Description is not delivered with your data file; it is an optional field that you may use to describe the variable in greater detail and to store relevant notes.


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