USA 1995

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Country: USA 1995
Study title: National Time-Diary Study 1994-1995
Collector: Administered by the Survey Research Center at the University of Maryland with funding from the Environmental Protection Agency.
When conducted: July 1994-July 1995
Sampling method and study design: This survey is an extension of the 1992-1994 National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS). Like the NHAPS survey, this survey employed random digit dialling to draw a random sample of households. The original NHAPS did not collect household income or the marital status of the diarist. This survey collected both these variables, and both can be analysed independently but also used to improve estimation of the marital status and income of the participants in the NHAPS survey. This sample differs from the NHAPS both as small states were not included in the sample, and as only adults aged 18+ were asked to complete diaries (NHAPS collected diaries from people of all ages). Like the original NHAPS, this survey collected a diary for the previous 24 hours from only one person in the household selected by the eligible person whose birthday would come round next. Diaries covered main activities, location of activities (83 categories which cover mode of transport when the activity is travel), and whether the person was smoking.
Sample size: 1199 diaries (1133 good quality diaries)
Response rate: 64.6%
Weighting procedures:
Available documentation: Sample design

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