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Codes and Frequencies

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ALONE_ALT indicates that the respondent was alone and no other people were reported as present. People who may not be present during the activity include the spouse/partner (SPPART), child (CHILD, including INFANT), other household adult (HHADULT), co-worker (COWORK), and other person (OTHERP). Users should note that HHADULT is not available in 1998.

In comparison to ALONE_ALT, ALONE is sometimes coded as 1 even if other people are present.

ALONE_ALT is only available if you select a hierarchical extract. If you request a hierarchical extract and plan to construct time use variables in your statistics package, this variable may be useful to you. Alternatively, you may use ALONE_ALT to construct a time use variable as part of this system.


ALONE_ALT is available for samples where "with whom" information is collected. Users should note differences across time in the availability of other who variables. Specifically, HHADULT is not available in 1998.

The relationship between all who variables is documented here.


  • All activities.


  • 1965, 1975, 1998, 2003-2012, 2018


This variable has no flags.