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This is a 4-digit numeric variable.


START reports the minute the activity started (of 1440 minutes per day, 0=begin of diary). END is the minute the activity ended.

The user should note one key difference between the ATUS and the earlier heritage data sets. The earlier surveys have diaries that start and end at midnight. The ATUS diaries (2003+ samples) begin at 4:00 and end at 4:00 on the following morning. This difference does not matter for the analysis of what happens before and after a particular activity or the total time spent in an activity. Nevertheless, the user must exercise caution in modelling the day with this difference.

CLOCKST lists the time of day on the 24-hour clock that each activity started. TIME is a report of the duration of the activity in minutes.

START is only available if you select a hierarchical extract. If you request a hierarchical extract and plan to construct time use variables in your statistics package, this variable may be useful to you.


This variable is comparable across years.


  • All activities


  • 1930, 1965, 1975, 1985, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2003-2012, 2018


This variable has no flags.