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Household income (approximate quartiles)

Codes and Frequencies

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INCOMEQT reports total household income in approximate quartiles.

Users interested in more detailed income data for a particular sample may refer to INCOME65, INCOME75, INCOME98 and INCOME03.

Users should note that household incomes were measured based on the income level of the year respondents were surveyed; accordingly, users may want to account for inflation when comparing income across years.


This variable is comparable across years.

Users should note, however, that the 1965-1966 survey sampled persons in households where one person was of working age and employed in an industry other than agriculture. In the 1994 sample, there were only three codes in the original data, and therefore the "second highest" quartile code actually corresponds to the "middle third" of the income distribution.


  • All persons.


  • 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995, 1998, 2003-2012


This variable has no flags.